Fire-resistant doors and walls


The aim of fire protection in a building is to protect persons and property as much as possible. The purpose of ALU fire-resistant elements is to separate different sectors and connect evacuation routes, in short they are present everywhere they are requested and required.

Alufinal produces ALU fire-resistant doors and walls of EI30 and EI60 class. Among other fire resistant properties, these doors have to contain the so-called self-closing system. Double leaf doors have a closer with integrated mechanical closing sequence control. ALU fire-resistant doors and walls can be implemented as a glass or panel insert.

30 min fire resistance!

ALU fire-resistant elements of EI30 fire resistance class have to be able to stop flames and smoke, but also heat and radiation. Obstruction of heat passage must be so effective that the surface of the glass, which is not exposed directly to flames, does not heat up to more than 140 K. Due to this demand, glass and other infill panels are relatively heavy and thick. Alufinal offers ALU fire-resistant elements, which are certified to an existing STS for EI30 fire resistance class. 

60 min fire resistance!

When speaking about fire resistant elements, we have to bear in mind the whole system. Glazing or door infill, sealing and fixing elements are important at least as much as ALU construction. The majority of fire-resistant ALU elements have excellent sound insulation, which is a consequence of their special structure. At the same time, they provide a high level of protection against burglary. Alufinal offers ALU fire-resistant elements, which are certified to an existing STS for EI60 fire resistance class.


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